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Sioux Falls Marathon Course Entertainment


The Sioux Falls Marathon is looking to hire course entertainment for its annual marathon and half marathon route on Sunday morning, September 8, 2019.


Bands, DJs, drum lines, instrumentalists, singers, single artists, etc. would be welcome. Basically we’re looking for people to make noise for our runners and spectators! The race itself will attract over 3,000 runners and/or spectators.


Each artist would be directed to a specific location on the course (for example – 9th and Minnesota OR Sertoma Park) and also for a specific time (for example - 6:30 am to 7:45). Start and end times would vary depending on the location, number of runners still passing through, and of course the artist’s availability. If needed for the artist, we can place you at a location with electricity and a point person to help you. Other than that, we will give you a location and you would take it from there. We unfortunately cannot provide PA systems for our groups.


Marketing options for artists might be an option as well on social media, our runner spectator guides, website, etc. Depending on the number of artists involved and the amount of time they perform, payment would be determined! If the artist has family members or friends interested in running, we could offer them a promo code for a deal at registration!


With questions, please reach out to Austin Bramley at

*Each act will be placed at a location with electricity and receive an honorarium for participating in the event. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide PA systems for our groups.