Past Runners' Reviews

On the overall experience...

"This is a day I will not soon forget. A wonderful experience with friends and my first half was a success!"

"My first time running Sioux Falls and it was great! I really appreciated all of the hydration stations. I will be back!"

"Beautiful course! Loved all the people along the route to encourage the runners and all of the hydration stations. The organizers and Sioux Falls Police did a wonderful job of having the intersections clear for runners, but managed the waiting drivers well too."

"Thank you to all of the people who make this event possible! I enjoyed the course. The hydration stations were great, whenever I felt like I needed a pick-me-up, I saw an aid station ahead of me. The race shirts were very sharp and can't wait to wear it!"

"This marathon has really improved since I ran it for the first time three years ago. It showcases the beautiful trails of Sioux Falls, provides excellent pacers and has plenty of water stops. The crowd support is excellent! I also appreciated starting and finishing in the same venue, plus the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center provides indoor facilities and protection from the elements pre and post-race. Fantastic job race planners, I will run this race again!"

"A must run race! This was my second year running in Sioux Falls and it was even better than the previous year. Thank you for putting on a great race and I can't wait for next year!"

"Great race, love the community support. The course changes were great and the expo was a vast improvement and much harder on my wallet this year! Huge thank you to everyone who volunteered and made the race weekend safe."

"Thank you to all of the volunteers that made this happen! Well organized, awesome race!"

"I ran the marathon and was very impressed with the course. I was also very impressed with the accuracy of the mile markers."

"Well done! Fabulous course, running over the Big Sioux River past the falls was a great experience. I also loved the race shirt this year, I have a billion t-shirts and the pullover simply sets itself apart. This was my first time running this race and after seeing comments from last year, it appears the race directors are wonderfully responsive making changes based off of runners suggestions."

"Thank you for putting together such a well-run event again this year. I have never needed health services in my previous races, but after becoming dehydrated this year, I was in need. I was so impressed with the care I received from the Sanford Health medical staff and am grateful for their concern. Will attempt that PR again next year with hopefully better results!"

"First off, thanks for the wonderful event! I ran the half marathon and ran a new PR! I loved the course, crowd support and many volunteers. It was a spectacular day!"